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Birthdate:Jan 1
"The youngest and smallest of the giants, half-brother of Loki, with whom he shares a certain way of looking at the world. His faults are his virtues: He's too lazy to be vindictive and too fickle to be dangerous."

- From Mansions of the Silence, book 6 in the Lucifer series

Bergelmir is a giant, though you'd hardly know it unless he showed you his...never mind.

In this incarnation, he's Loki's brother (rather than his father or any other relation suggested in Norse mythology). He lives in Jotunheim and amuses himself by causing problems for just about anyone who comes to visit. Someone has to now that Loki's bound beneath the earth, after all.

He's tall (yes, even though his PB is Darren Criss), handsome, and skilled, and he knows it, and he'll remind you of it whenever possible. At first glance there is nothing to mark him as different from a human, but he does possess a small amount of magic, and he can change his appearance at will if he chooses. (Why would he though? He wonders sometimes.)

[ooc: Bergelmir in this incarnation is the property of DC/Vertigo comics and Mike Carey. This journal is intended for roleplaying purposes only, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Darren Criss belongs only to himself. Mun and muse both over 18. Bergelmir-mun is [personal profile] skidmo]
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